Our Facility

1st Floor

Executive Dining Room
(1,333 sq.ft. - 80 capacity)
Conference Room A
(750 sq.ft. - 80 capacity)
Conference Room B
(750 sq.ft. - 80 capacity)
Conference Room C
(750 sq.ft. - 80 capacity)
Dawson Banquet Room
(3,153 sq.ft. - 240 capacity
Conference Rooms A, B, & C)
Conference Room D
(340 sq.ft. - 20 capacity)
Conference Room E
(408 sq.ft. - 40 capacity)

2nd Floor

Banquet Room A
(2,200 sq.ft. - 200 capacity)
Banquet Room B
(2,000 sq.ft. - 100 capacity)
Banquet Room A + B
(4,200 sq.ft. - 300 capacity)
Banquet Room C
(2,400 sq.ft. - 100 capacity)
Rooftop Terrace
(2,400 sq.ft. - 100 capacity)

The History Of Our Building

The Sage Lumber Mill was the largest mill in the world in the late 1800’s. Completed in the spring of 1916 for the Farmers Auto and Machinery Co., this two story commercial building appears to be the work of local architects Prath, Bickness and Campbell since it resembles other structures they designed. The last substantial building to be constructed on Midland Street even unto this day, it terminates the eastern edge of the Midland Street Historic District.

Competing with many Bay City merchants to secure franchise rights from various automobile companies, Farmers Auto and Machinery Co. sold not only automobiles, but also hardware, furniture and farm machinery. Unfortunately, not for very long. In 1920, with the nation descending into a deep recession they secured a $14,500 mortgage. In 1924, the property was sold for unpaid taxes and an outstanding mortgage totaling $15,809.

From 1926 - 1929 the city directory indicates the building was home to Triangle Motor Sales. By 1929, the city directory lists Wolverine Knitting Mills Outlet Store on the ground floor and the Rosalind Dance Hall on the second floor.

Beginning in 1931, the Sample Furniture Co. occupied the building until it went out of business in 1960. From 1960 through 1980, Delta Containers manufactured corrugated boxes for industrial shipping at this location. In the mid 1960’s, the Delta Ford Dealership also used part of the building for storage. Kirchman Bros. Hotel and Restaurant Supplies utilized the building for a warehouse from 1982 through 1995. This was the last use of the building until Hereford & Hops purchased it and began its conversion to a restaurant and brewpub in 1998.


804 E Midland St, Bay City, MI 48706

(989) 778-2347