Liberty Harbor staff is always here for you, but a lot of your questions can be answered with the Helpful Hints and FAQ sheets. We value our clients and know everyone’s time and questions are important so please start here and if for some reason can’t find what you are looking for please contact us here.

Our standard event is based on 6 hours of use and with access to the facility the morning of the event starting at 10:00 am.

No, our facility has a liquor license which prohibits patrons from bringing in their own liquor.

Yes, Liberty Harbor has a state of the art PA and DJ system. In the event you do not utilize Liberty Harbor's DJ then your DJ or band can have access to the facility any time after 10:00 am on the day of your event. We recommend at least 4 hours prior to your event starting.

Liberty Harbor provides anywhere from 8 to 15 staff members, depending on the size of your event, to make sure your event is a success!

For wedding receptions it is a 5 hour open bar by the glass (not punch bowls) with all your pop, juices, mixes, and condiments included. We do however have a few different bar packages so please consult your contract to see which package you chose. We also include set up, clean up, and bar tenders. Another great thing we do at Liberty Harbor is allow you to pause your bar. The most convenient time to do so is during dinner service, this is just another way we are trying to save our clients money!

Yes, although our service includes a selection of centerpieces you can provide your own.

Yes, all guests are carded; Bridal parties included.

We have the required licensing by the state.

Yes, but outdoors only.

Yes, our prices are calculated on a per-person basis. However, our prices are the lowest in the area!

Children 5 and under are complimentary and ages 6-12 are half off the food package and only pay for the non-alcoholic beverage package. This discount is limited to 15 children or 10% of your total guest count, whichever is less.

No, this is already added in and is part of your overall services fee.

Currently we accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and certified checks. Credit cards are accepted, but a service charge will be applied.

Typically, the events conclude at midnight and personal belongings must be vacated by 12:45. In some cases, with prior written approval, a later timeline can be arranged.

Liberty Harbor is a full service banquet facility and provides a standard set up and clean up in the cost of their events.

Yes, you can bring in your own wedding cake/desserts as long as they are made from an accredited bakery. If cake service is needed there is a small service fee applied. Larger banquets should have two people cutting the cake and 3 people delivering the cake.

Yes, the alcohol and shot cups are provided in our gold and platinum wedding bar packages.

We have round top tables that can seat up to 10 guests per table and have padded chairs. We have standard 6 ft and 8 ft banquet tables for the head table, gift table and dessert table if needed. You can see a picture of our tables and chairs under the gallery on our website.

As mentioned above, a round top table can seat up to 10 guests. Typically, the tables are set for 10 guests per table.

As many as you would like. We offer many different head table set ups; sweetheart tables, king and queen table, partial bridal party on riser etc.

Typically, we lock our prices in on the contract. When a contract is signed we will not raise that price. That way you know what exactly you will be paying. However, if you do add additional services to your event the price will increase dependent on those services.

No, because we are a licensed, full service caterer. Our prices, service and food are superior and cost less when comparing!

Yes, if they are a shelf stable product and agreed upon in writing.

No, we do not allow any food to leave the premises as it is also a Health Department rule as well. Most of our competitors follow these same rules.

Yes, and we have a variety of colors to choose from. You can request a color chart from your banquet coordinator.

We only set for the confirmed head count that was given at the final meeting.

We typically run double food lines, depending on the size of your event. Liberty Harbor attendants release tables one at a time and it typically takes about 25 to 35 minutes.

Yes, they wear formal attire including black shirts with black ties, black vests, black pants and black shoes.

We do two (2) bridal showcases each year to serve as the food tastings. At the shows our clients get a chance to try several items including two (2) complimentary beverages. The shows also provide our clients a great opportunity to see what centerpieces, linens and décor we have. You’ll also get a chance to visit with our preferred vendors as well. Our shows are typically in March and August, but all the information regarding our shows can be found on our website under upcoming events.

After your initial $750 deposit, $1,000 is due six (6) months before your event. The next payment is three (3) weeks before the event and that amount is 1/2 of the balance of the event. The final payment is to be paid in full no later then seven (7) days before your event. If for any reason the payment is after that seven (7) days, cash will be the only accepted form of payment.

Typically six (6) months before your event you will be contacted by a member of the team. They will let you know that your next deposit of $1,000 is due and see if there is anything that they can do for you. After that the next contact will be about six (6) weeks before your event. That contact will be to inform you of your submittal being due and your 1st invoice will be coming soon. From here a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the event and make any changes necessary. Ten days prior to your event you are contacted to make sure no other changes are needed and then the final invoice is sent out. If a final meeting is needed then it is scheduled for the week before the event.

The banquet submittal is a form that is given to you at the time of your booking. It is a very detailed form that consists of fill in the blank and drop down menus. This form is very important and helps us pull off a successful event, so please pay careful attention to the answers given. Our accounting team also uses this form to complete your invoices.

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